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Add even more style to your creation.

Ball® Collection Elite® preserving products offer a contemporary style that is ideal for creative preserving. Our unique shaped preserving jars with elegant brushed silver lids & bands will match your kitchen décor and help capture your creativity.

Collection Elite® Brushed Silver Wide Mouth Jars

Ball® Collection Elite® Jars capture your creativity. Perfect for sharing, these jars have a contemporary style that is ideal for creative preserving and storing. Elegant enough to take your luscious chutneys, fruit-filled jars, savoury salsas and colourful fruit syrups from the kitchen to the table, these uniquely shaped jars hold endless imagination.

4 OZ/135 mL Jam & Jelly Jars

Ball® Collection Elite® Smooth Jars (4 OZ/135 mL) – 4 Pack includes 4 Jars, 4 Lids and 4 Bands.

  • Ball® Jam & Jelly Jars (4 OZ/135 mL)


Ball® Collection Elite Colour Series Jars

The new Ball® Collection Elite Colour Series jars are available in three, never-before released sizes of blue glass. Enjoy this blue glass that is safe for home preserving, food and drinks, decoration and entertaining. 

  • Ball® Heritage Collection - Vintage Green Jars & Blue Mason Jars

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Ball® Home Preserving Starter Kit

Capture fresh flavours and prevent produce from going to waste in 3 Simple Steps using your Ball® Home Preserving Starter Kit


Preserving Terms

Access our handy glossary to learn the ins and outs of preserving technology.

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